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A few words about the "Studio"

Why do we use the term « Studio »?

The term « Studio » highlights the didactic and research activity that “Studio Michelini” has carried out over the years.

Since the early 90s, anticipating the opening of the borders, and especially to meet the needs of its French clients, the “Studio Michelini” has developed a niche activity in the field of enterprise creation particularly in the 3 States on which He has the right to operate: Italy, France and Switzerland. In this perspective, the “Studio Michelini” has also developed a special vocation relating to labor law and more generally to staff management.

Company creation


Having several decades of experience, Mauro Michelini’s office has the knowledge and know how to provide the best solutions for setting up a company in both countries.
Our steady approach enables us to identify the appropriate VAT, to create a branch and a foreign company.
During this phase, clients are guided in fiscal matters as well as in legal, administrative and human resources matters.
We dedicate particular attention to administrative problems concerning the taxation and social charges of the personnel that will be moved, transferred temporarily and permanently or recruited locally.
We have a trilingual team to help manage matters between public administrations and companies.
Mauro Michelini’s office deals exclusively with VAT identification, the creation of branch or companies under French law on behalf of Italian companies.
It is therefore not concerned with setting up individual companies, “autres entrepreneurs”, “franco français”.

International taxation

concerning the fiscal of individuals

Having several decades of experience, Mauro Michelini’s office is able to offer the best solutions for tax residence for individuals resident in Italy, in France or in Switzerland in order to determine the exact tax residence for people that, for business or other reasons, move from one country to another within these 3 countries.
Every day we apply conventional tax laws to the various criteria that exist in the laws of the various states concerning the tax residence of individuals. We do it in case by case process, even for the most disparate situations.
As a result, Mauro Michelini’s office has followed all developments concerning the assets held abroad by persons resident in Italy from the “scudo fiscale” in 2000 to the “voluntary disclosure” in 2015.
Likewise Mauro Michelini’s office has assisted clients resident in France for tax purposes, although in different ways because in this country such activity is based on spontaneous and voluntary disclosure.

Real estate tax

in France for Italian clients

Mauro Michelini’s office has decades of experience dealing with wealth tax for clients who own property as an individual or through the French ownership structures such as SCI, SARL etc. or even Italian structures such as SRL, « Società Semplice », SAS and of course company structures such as LLC or partnerships.
We have a trilingual team to help manage matters between public administrations and companies.

"Studio" Mauro Michelini is always on the front line against tax evasion and tax avoidance, and promotes the concept of sustainability of its business, adopt working methods that reduce the environmental impact by raising awareness among its customers.

Mauro Michelini "Studio" in Milan, Ventimiglia and Nice specializes in cross-border issues in fiscal and personnel department.

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