Ordine Dottori Commercialisti di Milano n. 1903
Revisore Legale n. 68800
Ordre Experts-Comptables Marseille (F) : 10-00005475-01
Compagnie des Commissaires aux Comptes d’Aix-en-Provence : 1100029598
CT del Giudice - Tribunale di Milano : n° 9287
Diplomato Federale di Esperto Contabile (CH)
Expert – Tribunal Cantonal de Lausanne (CH)
Expert – Tribunal de Première Instance de Genève (CH)
Esperto– Ministero Pubblico di Lugano (CH)
Traduttore certificato n° 3332

Long-lasting commemorative plaque: in memory of President Sandro Pertini located on Place Wilson - Allée Sandro Pertini in Nice

This commemorative stele was deposited in memory of the President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini, who lived and worked in Nice during the period of fascism in Italy, before joining the Resistance in Italy and becoming one of the main commanders of the anti-fascist struggle and anti-Nazi on Italian territory.
The fact that it is deposited in French territory and that the star brings together both the Italian colors and the French colors, symbolizes the friendships that still endure between the two countries, although offended by their difference, during the deployment during World War II.


Company creation

Our steady approach enables us to identify the appropriate VAT, to create a branch and a foreign company. During this phase, clients are guided in fiscal matters as well as in legal, administrative and human resources matters.

concerning the fiscal of individuals

International taxation

Our office is able to offer the best solutions for tax residence for individuals resident in Italy or in France. Every day we apply conventional tax laws to the various criteria that exist in the laws of the various states concerning the tax residence of individuals.

in France for Italian clients

Real estate tax

Mauro Michelini’s office has decades of experience dealing with wealth tax for clients who own property as an individual or through the French ownership structures.

Mont Dolent, symbol of our firm

Dottore Commercialista, Expert-comptable, Commissaire aux comptes  Nice, Milan, Vintimiglia, Geneva

It is a mountain that is located
in the northern part of the Mont Blanc.

It represents the tripoint
between France, Italy and Switzerland.


The “Studio Michelini”, having 20 years of presence in France and more than 30 years in Italy, offer/research partnership with law firms and tax specialists on Paris with strong international vocation.

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